27 de mayo de 2010

Revolution´s day.

Hello fashion world, Im here again!! But I didnt want to go back! Coz here, the 24 & 25 th of may, were the Revolution´s day, and this year was more special coz it was the 200 Revolution´s day. Anyway, I took some days off, and went to the beach. These are the photos I took with my new dress. Hope u like it.

See u,

16 de mayo de 2010

Rocker spotlight.

Looking for the perfect autumn mix: grey top, blue jeans, black high heel & a mix of bangles. Hope u like it!


11 de mayo de 2010

With animal accent.

Every winter season, as many of you know, animal-prints invade the streets (and our wardroves!).

On Saturday, I went to shopping to Recoleta, Alvear Av. to be more especific. This avenue is considered one of the five most distinguished street among the world's. Because of the value, glamour and shops. It's behind the Fifth and Madison Avenue in New York, Les Champs Elysées in Paris and Oxford St in London.

Anyway, there, I bought this beautiful animal-print handbag.

I hope u like it!
See you,

5 de mayo de 2010

Inspired by Hollywood.

Personally, Im a huge fan of high heels. I dont use them 7 days of the weeks, coz its dificult to deal with them, at least, for me. Its like being in a video clip, in which you are the star!! Not to mention its just a fact that the taller the heel, the skinnier you look, for me: a bonus I just cant refuse!! So, today I wore high heels to go to the office. And Im happy coz everybody loves them.

See you soon!

4 de mayo de 2010

Sweet violet.

Just to say Good Morning!! This is my outfit today! Falabella lilac tank top + Zara white jeans + Zara brown sweater + Via Uno brown shoes, I hope you like it!

See you soon!

3 de mayo de 2010

Shining in the darkness.

This weekend, I help my mother finishing some of her jewelry. She is a blind people teacher, in a school where blind people learn how to create things. My mum is in charge of the jewelry workshop. And this is one of her creations!

I hope you like it.

1 de mayo de 2010

Flowers in winter.

To begin the weekend happy, yesterday when I went out from work, I went for a walk to Florida Street, one of the Buenos Aires city's tourist attractions. It features a variety of shops and shopping arcades selling clothes, bags, shoes, leather goods, jewellery, books and so on. There, you can find shops like Cacharel, Zara, Dior, Lacroix, Hugo Boss, Jakie Smith, Ralph Lauren, and so many more.

For me, its one of the most elegant streets in the city. And, (Thanks God!) I work 3 blocks away from Florida. Well, as I was telling you, to begin the weekend happy, I went to Zara and bought this beautiful shirt. I hope you like it!

See you!