11 de septiembre de 2010

I want a New Jackie, help me to choose!

Which one would u choose for this Summer? Sand or Pink?!

1) Sand

2) Pink

Thanks for help me! =)

See u!

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39 comentarios:

Tugba dijo...

Buy BOTH :D I would hehe

However, I prefer the pink one :D More eyecatchy!

Doesnt get any cuter then me! dijo...

love the blog
the first one...i love both though
come and visit me and follow

Helen [In Elegance] dijo...

I prefer the sand one, the colour mesh well together, I don't like the random orange on the pink one.

Federica F. dijo...

Absolutely the sand one, dear!


Luísa Lión dijo...

hmm to be honest I think there are more beautiful bags than those but if you have to choose between them take th epink one.. How much do they cost btw?

Ps: I like your blog!!


Christine Lilwood dijo...

THE SAND ONE is better!!! REALLY..It's classier :D

Ann dijo...

I love both but I would choose the first! Thanks for your comment! Xoxo

Pupeow* dijo...

Whoa! Both are so nice :)!! I actually like the pink one more, however, I'd choose the sand one coz you can mix&match with clothes easier.

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The Vogue Diaries dijo...

definitely SAND!!


Luísa Lión dijo...

wow Ok I see that sucks but honestyl: For 300 $ You could also buy a nicer bag via Internet don't you think so!? I mean I'm not saying that the bags are ugly they are Ok and nice but I think you could get so much nicer ones even ;)
Donde vives en Argentina? Yo vi que estamos trabajando en el mismo trabajo Fashion PR :) Yo siempre querria ir a Argentin pero solo estuve en Peru dos veces pero Argentina y Brazil van a ser mis proximos viajes :)


ღ The angel of leopards ღ dijo...

I prefer the first..because colours are perfect for autumn, winter and also summer.. :)) tell me your decision :))

Miss DeltaG dijo...

for me the first bag it's better than the second one.i think those colors are easyer to wear.


Carol dijo...

Los dos son bonitos pero si tuviese que elegir, creo que el primero ya que la mezcla de tonos te va a permitir combinarlo con más cosas!!

Un besazo

More than Mode dijo...

I looove the first one!!
Thanks sweetheart!!

Debora dijo...

Hello :)
thank you for your sweet comment in my TokyoBlondes. I really appreciated it ^^ !

Mh I think the best one is the sand bag :), sand or camel color will be this Fall trend.

nice blog, I like it !

Krimly dijo...

I prefer the first one, sand colour :)

My Cherry Gum

dorothydancing dijo...

Sand of course :o)

They look great !!

Youri dijo...

nice bags, i like the first one.
great blog!

High On High Heels dijo...

Definately sand!

Michelle Chic dijo...

both are amazing! but i think i prefer the first one, sand!

Valentina dijo...

the sand one! ;)

Beny Ricardo Sadewo dijo...

buy both of them! ahahaaa.. because i'm a stupid browser... ^^ yaii!!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Twin Style dijo...

MMM... We prefer the sand one!
But both are wonderful!!

moda capital dijo...

Muy lindos los 2 bolso, pero yo me quedo con el primero!! ;)
saludos y besines!

pradaforbreakfast dijo...

The pink is a great pop of color, but I would definitely (personally) go with the sand version. It's a great piece that you can wear with many outfits, plus its color scheme will ease easily into a fall wardrobe.

- Halie

karina dijo...

sand :D

nuevo post en mi blog guapisima :D


Jessica dijo...

Definitley sand! Such a nice color..

Gorgeous Clara dijo...

I would go for sand

Flashes of Style dijo...

Loove the bags! <3

Fabiana dijo...

hi, thanks for the comment on my blog!
However, I prefer the pink one for the summer!

A. dijo...


Pop Champagne dijo...

I think I like the first one, it would go with more outfits and seasons :D

Ilse dijo...

sand! for sure!

Stylelover dijo...

I like the first one much more!

Stylelover dijo...

I like the first one much more!

Fashion By He dijo...

love the bags, great blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


M dijo...

Me encantan los dos... pero sobre todo los tonos mas naturales del primero...

Maria Evans dijo...

Thank u girls!!
I will post my new Jackie soon, I agree with u: the sand!


PUNKIE dijo...

both are lovely! I like so much camel tones, but in this case I'll buy the pink one!