15 de mayo de 2011

Summer striped,

H&M Striped Dress / Havaianas / Tropea Handbag

See u soon!

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Shanti Pranadi dijo...

I love your dress.. You look beautiful :)


Nina dijo...

que bello vestido!!


jamie dijo...

this is such a cute dress! perfect for spring :) and that wishing stone youre standing on is SOO cool!! where is that? muah! have a great week!

annA * Room176 dijo...

Hello my dear! Thank you for your lovely comment! Very nice dress. See you soon <3

Annika dijo...

i love this dress! it looks great! very spring :)
also, that picture of you standing on the clover slab thing is so cute. i want to make a wish!


Rachella dijo...

Lovely dress! And I hope your wish will come true ;) x

O'STYLE dijo...

Nice dress girrrrl!!!!



patrycja2407 dijo...

thank you so much for a nice comment:)
You look beautifully in this dress:)

Dylana Suarez dijo...

So cute! Girl, you live in Philly?? We must meet up someday!



Syrious dijo...

so cute
i love stripes!!!
and the little paper has a holy advice!! :D
awesome needs practise!!!
ahahahahah that's just genial!!!
Syriously in Fashion

Style ninfa dijo...

Love your dress! Perfect for summer.
Thanks for the comment ;)

Laura Tenshi dijo...

This is one adorable stripped dress. Good thing we have H&M here now, I can look for something similar.

Joy dijo...

Great to have you back! And what a comeback, look at that beautiful smile:)

M.A. dijo...

such a nice post!! i like your dress very much :)


Diana caitilin dijo...

i love your dress :)

Pupeow* dijo...

You choose subjects in your photograph nice : ) I like the one of you holding that cool-titled book and the "stand here" one :D

Preity lama Tamang dijo...

such a fun striped dress....definitely so perfect for summer!!

Carina Adam dijo...

i absolutely love that dress! i wanted to buy it too! kisses


Abi dijo...

You look so vibrant in the colourful stripes. Great dress indeed!

em.me.ma dijo...


SILVIA dijo...

gracias guapa!!!
un besito

Mia's Little Corner dijo...

Wow, really like this dress!! Looks beautiful!:D

Stop by some time:D


brunatreme dijo...

You have a lovely smile!
nice pics =D


Loehmann's dijo...

What a great dress! It's great to see some designer function this summer!

Lucija dijo...

I really like your blog, especially the photos. Beautiful!!
You got yourself a new follower :))


Kim Jacobs dijo...

I love your striped dress !

Vicky dijo...

Love love love the dress!! xx

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Clara Turbay dijo...

Me gusta tu estilo y buen ojo para lo actual!

Sassi dijo...

love your dress! it's so pretty!

Anónimo dijo...

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EconomaReacia dijo...

Ame ese vestido! El grosor de las lineas hace que te sienten super bien. Estoy buscando hace tiempo una tela como esa para hacerme un vestido largo pero ahora que veo este, me esta gustando la opcion corta.

Sandra Loves your look dijo...

Hola Maria;

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Un saludo!