12 de agosto de 2010

Pearl Mix.

I do like pearls and how they match with everything you wear. Don´t you think so?
I have few of them in diferent piece of jewelry, I show you..

See u,

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6 comentarios:

ViCreative dijo...

wow. great pieces of jewelery!!

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Sassi dijo...

love this jewelery!

emily dijo...

i love pearls! the second pair of earrings is gorgeous.

ViCreative dijo...

hey.thanks back for your comment.
yes It's automatic... I've got the settings in German so I try to explain it to you... :) just go to the settings > then formatting and in the last box you can paste an html-code...
have a nice day!

Chahana dijo...

amazing pieces you got here sweety! definitely got yourself a new follower =)

Chahana dijo...

lovely accessories