8 de agosto de 2010

Ralph by ME,

Inspired by Ralph Lauren and aaaaalllll his floral and ruffle clothes, I tried to make my own...

... and this is what I got! Do u like it?

Floral & Ruffle Shirt: ME,
Demin Short: Materia

Hope to see u soon!

6 comentarios:

Anna Maria dijo...

I like this look very much !
Blouse is very sweet and girly !
Well done. :)

Federica F. dijo...

Nice! Yes, I like it!
Thanks for your comment :)

Frickys dijo...

So fresh!

Mar dijo...

I love the top! It's very summery and chic. Congrats, you're an artist :)

Love xxx

Maria Evans dijo...

Thanks for the comments girls!!
I really appreciate them!!


mellisa dijo...

hi, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I'm fine, of corse :D And no, I didn't have my hair cut.

I love your top. It's so cute! I wish I can make my own clothes.